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Welcome to the paradise of the highest quality meats and cured meats at the Podavini Butchery. Our shop is a real treasure for lovers of taste and culinary refinement. Explore with us a world of unique flavors from different parts of the globe.

Discover the red meat selection of the Podavini Macelleria, where you will only find high quality red meats. We offer heifer, scottona, fassona, veal, pork, sheep, goat and game. Come and discover the authentic flavors and succulent freshness of our red meats. We are ready to satisfy your culinary desires with our excellence and freshness.
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We offer you a selection of high quality white meats. Among our proposals you will find vegetable chicken, Bresse chicken, guinea fowl, capon, rabbit, local hen, pigeons, geese and ducks. Each option has its own unique and distinctive flavor, perfect for creating delicious dishes. Come and discover the freshness and goodness of our white meats at our butcher’s shop.
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We present a selection of high quality cured meats. Discover our delicious products, including the famous Culatello di Zibello DOP, salami of our own production, salametti, bresaola, Tyrolean speck and carne salada. Each cured meat is made with skill and attention to detail, ensuring authentic flavor and superior quality. Let yourself be won over by the variety and excellence of our products.
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Hindquarter cuts:

  • 01. Loin
  • 02. Rib steak
  • 03. Fillet
  • 04. Topside
  • 05. Walnut
  • 06. Rump
  • 07. Underside
  • 08. Walker
  • 09. Doorbell
  • 10. Posterior muscle

Forequarter cuts:

  • 11. Anterior muscle
  • 12. Bottom cover
  • 13. Phaeson shoulder
  • 14. Cover
  • 15. Shoulder walker
  • 16. Shoulder pulp
  • 17. Neck
  • 18. Ribs
  • 19. Belly
  • 20. Undershoulder
  • 21. Chest and Royal