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With a semi-compact consistency with a strong aroma and flavour. 100% pure Italian pork without GMOs with a minimum maturation of 30 days. Pork meat enriched with very few spices. Tied and stuffed by hand in natural casing. Produced according to tradition with cuts from the noble parts of the pig. Being an artisanal product the weight is variable, it carries on the tradition and ingredients of grandfather Luigi from 1932 until today.


Cotechino is a sausage made of natural or artificial casing which contains 20% rind, 0% lean meat and 30% minced pork fat (throat and cheek), to which salt is added, and various spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, etc. and aromatic herbs. It is eaten cooked and prefers long, slow cooking so that the meat and rind it contains soften and the casing does not break.


Typical Brescia product made with 100% Italian pork, it can also be made with pork stomach bone and with the addition of those fats which result in a particularly soft and tasty dough. When cut, it shows a medium grain structure with soft meat combined with a slightly firmer tongue.


Zampone is a gastronomic preparation based on 100% Italian pork, fat and rind minced and mixed with other ingredients such as salt and spices (similar to cotechino), as per tradition the boned front leg of the pig is used.


Minimum length 18 cm, maximum 20 cm. The casing must be natural, it is folded on itself and forms a bunch. The diameter is 4-5 cm. The mixture must be grainy, salt and spices are added as well as 100% pure Italian pork. In the “our style” variant also wine passed in garlic. The binding is done by hand.


A typically Brescian artisan product of excellence. Fresh and hand-packaged sausage with natural casing. Made with the best cuts of 100% Italian fresh pork. The dough must be grainy, salt and spices are added. In the “our style” variant also wine passed in garlic. The binding is done by hand.


Culatello di Zibello is defined as the king of cured meats. It is obtained from the rear part of the thigh of heavy pigs born and raised between Emilia Romagna and lower Lombardy. It is the most noble and valuable part of the thigh.
The Strolghino, unlike many others, boasts a process entirely carried out by hand, from the bagging to the tying, as well as the use of a very thin, exclusively natural casing. When cut, it is lean, with a delicate and above all sweet flavour.
The Salami is obtained from a selection of the best lean cuts expertly mixed with the right amount of fat, all seasoned with a few simple ingredients.


At Podavini Carni, we have carefully selected the best Parma and San Daniele raw hams to offer you an extraordinary gastronomic experience. Each slice is a symphony of authentic flavors, guaranteeing a culinary journey that will take you directly to the lands of origin of these delicacies.


Welcome to the culinary heart of Tuscany, where artisan tradition blends with the passion for genuine flavours. At Podavini Carni, we invite you to live a unique gastronomic experience with our artisanal Tuscan cured meats. With carefully selected ingredients and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, each slice of cured meat is a work of culinary art that tells the story of this land.


Salamesimato interprets in the world of salami what millesimato defines in wine. Its peculiarity is in fact that it contains all the meat of a single pig, selected by weight, age and breeding and transformed entirely into salami. The processing, completely carried out by hand, the precious ingredients and the slow maturation in the ground alongside the Culatelli enhance all its uniqueness, finally underlined by a real serial number, Salamesimato evolves the concept of salami and succeeds in an extraordinary way because it is made exactly as it used to be.


Careful selection of our Spanish cured meats ranging from Iberian white pork sausages to pure Iberian breed Bellota cured meats. You will find fresh cured meats to cook such as Chorizo ​​and Chistorra, seasoned cured meats including Lomo Curado, Paleta Iberica and obviously the exquisite Cecina de Leon PGI. Finally, the Salchichon Iberico de Bellota, the Sobrasada Iberica de Bellota, Morcilla Iberica de Bellota, Chorizo ​​Iberico de Bellota could not be missing. These products are carefully researched by us to satisfy true enthusiasts.

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All our hams express excellence and are designed for different needs. Of all the most famous is the Cotto ’60. And which also do not contain thickeners, synthetic or artificial flavours. Branchi cooked meats are completely produced from whole, unfrozen legs. Added to this are the artisanal processing, the salting in the artery, the tying by hand.

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The most prized game meats are certainly deer, fallow deer, amoscio, partridge and woodcock. Game is the category that includes the meat of wild animals such as roe deer, wild boar, hare and pheasant. Game meat is also low in calories and cholesterol and rich in proteins (> 22%), iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and acids.


Pheasant is considered a constituent of game, also known by the term “black meat”. Pheasant meat is lean, therefore suitable for low-calorie nutrition and rich in proteins of high biological value. The male pheasant reaches 1.5 kg in weight, has a stronger flavor and a more stringy consistency. The female pheasant, known as pheasant, reaches 1 kg in weight and has a more delicate taste, available all year round.


Similar to the gray partridge, the red partridge is distinguished by the bright color of its legs and the white spot on its throat. The meat, red and tasty, is best when cooked roasted or on a spit. This product is available all year round.